Corvus Silver

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Corvus Silver.jpg
Corvus Silver
Motto: Rip, rock, rattle, and roll!
Gender: Male
Personality: Whimsical
Age: ~300 solar years
Species: Deity

Known by numerous titles, Corvus Silver is CEO of The Ashfall Organization and a god of chaos.


His body is synthetic, but his appearance is clearly human, modeled after the human body he had in his previous life.

Standing around 5 feet and 10 inches tall (approximately 178cm), his skin is a sandy brown. Being humanoid, he naturally has two arms, two legs, a head, the whole nine yards. His face is set with a slightly pointed nose, framed by two dark brown eyes that are further framed by raven black hair. Corvus usually keeps his hair loosely parted on the right side of his head, in a style he likes to claim as "[looking] just as good in a suit and tie as in a t-shirt."


When his clothing isn't being dictated by circumstance, his preference is to wear a black or grey t-shirt with black khaki pants. This is usually accompanied by a dark-colored overcoat, with plenty of inside pockets just in case. His normal footwear are black combat boots, designed to remain hardy in whatever environment Corvus's adventures tend to take him.

Corvus has been known to wear his "Storm King" outfit, which references a time when that was his sole title. Similar to his normal get-up, the main difference is that he wear a more lavish overcoat, gold trimmed around sections of white, gray, and black that are meant to evoke the image of a tuxedo or suit. If he's feeling particularly "royal", Corvus may also wear a simple crown with a moonstone set in the center.

Equipment and Abilities

Corvus maintains a varied arsenal that, combined with the enhanced abilities of his android body, allows him to be extremely adaptable and versatile.

Soul Boost

When Corvus was resurrected, one side effect to the process was access to his own spiritual energy. Having a connection to the energy that comprises his soul has proven to be a dangerous proposition: he is particularly weak against attacks that target the soul due to his connection creating an easy bridge for these types of attacks.

However, it also grants Corvus one of his most powerful abilities: the Soul Boost. When active, Corvus continuously drains his own spirit to grant his body massive increases to strength, agility, endurance, etc. When timed well, this ability can instantly reverse the tide of a fight and turn a near-loss into a tremendous victory. The chief downside to this power is that the longer Soul Boost is left active, the more spiritual energy is drained to maintain this state. Should his soul's energy reach zero, Corvus will literally drain away his soul, instantly killing him and any chance of reaching an afterlife post-death.

So, you know, no pressure Corvus.

Chaos Divinity

Since his ascension to status as a God of Chaos, Corvus has access to a form of energy referred to in different lore as the Winds of Chaos, the Chaos Force, or simple Chaos. Whichever name is used, this energy permeates most of the Universal Realm, gathering in times and places where chaos and chaotic events exist, while simultaneously encouraging chaos with its very existence.

By tapping into this power, Corvus Silver can utilize a host of powers and abilities. Most of these powers rely on manipulating the "flow" of chaos to create different effects, usually based on the powers of others that Corvus has witnessed.

  • Chaos Control - By freezing the flow of chaotic energy in an area, Corvus can effectively freeze time for everyone except those with a connection to chaotic energy. It has yet to be determined if this power actually stops time locally, or merely the perception of time to those who are affected.
  • Chaos Warp - Corvus can redirect the "currents" that chaotic energy flow through, effectively creating tunnels that he or people and objects of his choosing can travel through, instantaneously appearing at a chosen point along the current. The positioning of the person or object upon exiting the current is dependent on the original orientation of said person or object.
  • Breeze of Chaos - Less an ability and more a side effect of ability usage, the shift in chaotic energy caused whenever Corvus manipulates it increases chaotic activity in the immediate vicinity. The greater the magnitude of the shift, the more powerful the chaotic aftereffect will be. In most cases, the shift is small, enough to manifest a slight breeze around the area of the power's area of effect.
  • Chaos Maelstrom - Perhaps the most powerful ability Corvus can utilize, the Chaos Maelstrom occurs when the chaos god redirects all chaotic energy in a large area to a single location, sometimes pulling the entire Chaos Force of a world into a single place. Doing this triggers the Breeze of Chaos, causing widespread mayhem and confusion at the Maelstrom's location, and triggering powerful chaotic events. Possible effects include natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, the start of large battles or even wars, and sudden booms in technological or societal progress in nearby towns and cities.


Although Corvus has access to numerous contraptions and devices, he mainly relies on a few specific items:

  • The Umbrella - A portable shield generator with 3 different modes, able to deflect very powerful attacks.
  • The Shadow Guard Armor - Black armor in the style of a Roman Centurion. Contains millions of nanobots that will quickly repair damage sustained by the wearer.
  • Godhand - A gauntlet capable of storing and channeling divine energy.


Corvus will usually rely on whatever weapon he can find at the moment, but there are certain weapons he keeps in his personal arsenal, should he decide to bring them on adventures.

  • The Typhoon Blades - Two chakram controlled mentally via a magnetic control system that can produce fierce winds.
  • The Pearl Saber - An ebony katana, designed with a hole in the hilt to place magical artifacts that can grant the katana supernatural qualities.
  • An arbalest - A large crossbow made for launching bolts strong enough to punch holes in a tank's armor.
  • A gauss pistol - A firearm that can fire magnetically propelled bolts of energy to devastating effect.
  • A cryo revolver - A six-shooter pistol that fires bullets that freeze on contact.