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Equipment Type: Shield
Primary Use: Personal Protection
Technology Level: Hyper-Advanced


On the outside, the Umbrella appears to be just a metallic handle with 4 buttons and a slider. This does nothing to belie the complex mechanism inside the casing.

The center emits a green glow from the shield's power supply, a battery that actively absorbs energy from the Umbrella's surroundings at all times to try and keep the device at full power. Surrounding this battery is layer upon layer of synthetic fabric, rolled around the power supply like a scroll. Coded directly onto this fabric is an algorithm that dictates the shield's functions. Most of the remaining space is taken up by the mini-computer designed to process input and react based on the algorithm. A small orb connected to several wires forms the shield emitter, which also serves as a focal point for all information and power distributed through the Umbrella.


The Umbrella is designed to be used by a human, or at least someone with a hand with opposable thumbs. When held properly, 4 buttons and a slider are in reach of the thumb. The bottom button is the power button that activates and deactivates the shield as desired. The other 3 buttons are used to set the shield mode, all modes adjustable using the slider.

  • "Personal" mode - This mode sets the shield to intelligently wrap itself around the user, and will deflect attacks just before they would contact the user. The slider has no function in this mode.
  • "Umbrella" mode - The mode for which the Umbrella got its name, this causes a spherical shield to be emitted outwards, as though extended from the end of the "handle". The slider can be used to adjust the distance the shield is from the device, or (by holding down the mode button) to adjust the radius of the projected shield.
  • "Ranged" mode - This mode will fire an indistinguishable beam of light from the emitter every time the power button is pressed. One the beam contacts a surface of sufficient density, a shield will be projected from the point of contact, producing a concussive blast. The slider can be used to adjust the radius of the projected shield.

Shield Algorithm

The key to the shield's function is the algorithm written into the device. By default, the "shield" does not actively block anything; rather, a "fake" shield of light is projected just beyond the threshold of where the actual shield would be projected. This layer of light is undetectable by most means, and will actively feed information on anything that interrupts the integrity of this layer back to the computer. The algorithm intelligently analyzes several factors include energy readings, mass, and momentum, in order to determine if the interruption is an "attack". If the interruption is an attack according to the algorithm, the actual shield will form at the point of interruption, ensuring that only as much energy as needed to deflect the attack is used.

This being said, the shield does not scale its power and will always deflect an attack at maximum power. To offset this, 80% of any energy produced or carried by the attack is absorbed by the shield, which can massively extend the battery's life. In many cases, using multiple weak attacks to sap the Umbrella's energy can drain the shield more efficiently than stronger attacks, since less energy would be absorbed in comparison to the energy used to defend. Should the Umbrella run out of power, it will shutdown, passively absorbing energy from the environment until it reaches maximum energy capacity.