The Ashfall Organization

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The Ashfall Organization
Slogan: Bridging Worlds
Industry Sector: Interdimensional Outreach
Headquarters: unknown
CEO/Boss/Owner: Corvus Silver

The Ashfall Organization, or TAO, is a interdimensional corporation that manages projects to help connect the worlds of the Universal Realm.


TAO is chiefly organized into two categories: the corporation's headquarters and the control center branches.


Little is known about The Ashfall Organization center of operations, other than it exists and seems to relay instructions to the company's control centers, whether it be to establish new centers or to expand current operations.


Each control center constructed and staffed by TAO is largely considered its own company, though they all follow certain regulations and directives as received by HQ. These control centers are specially designed space stations, largely self-sufficient and usually containing a high ratio of hangar bays in comparison to other space stations.

Each control center will have a chief officer, who manages potentially hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of employees. Most employees work "behind the scenes", maintaining the control center and its ships and supplies. Employees seen by customers are hand-picked by the chief officer, and serve as the interface for customers in their interactions with TAO.

Mission Statement

Most of TAO's operations are in the areas of colonization and tourism, both methods considered efficient ways of promoting connections between worlds.


Some control centers are designed to establish colonies on worlds that are uninhabited, or at least do not contain sentient life. These centers produce vessels made to hold enough people to establish a community, complete with supplies and construction kits tailored towards the environment of the world to be colonized.

These expeditions are widely advertised in advance, seeking volunteers to join the effort to colonize. Depending on the nature of the world to be colonized, these volunteers may be refugees trying to find a new start, adventurers seeking the thrill of exploring a new frontier, or just normal people looking for a change in their life. Centers will evaluate these volunteers, trying to find as many matching personalities to avoid potential conflicts, as well as fill required roles for a new society.

Once the quota for volunteers is met and the colony ship is ready to launch, the expedition will begin. The ship will make landfall (or seafall, or even airfall occasionally) onto the world. Usually, a special probe will find a nearby location ideal for starting a community and land, transforming into a beacon to make the location easy for the settlers to find. If the environment is particularly harsh, the probe may also be equipped with a shield to "normalize" conditions in the immediate area once the beacon is set up. From there, the colonists will use the kits and supplies on the ship and the world's natural resources to craft a new society from the ground up. In the early stages, The Ashfall Organization's local control center may send care packages to help the colonists survive, but it will not interfere with the colony's development, instead placing the responsibility of government and leadership on the colonists.


Some control centers are directed towards tourism. These centers usually have two divisions.

The first division is an "outreach" program. Employees in the division are trained to travel to new worlds with established governments or other forms of societies and attempt to make contact, with the over-reaching goal of forming a contract for tourism efforts on the world. These contracts can range from standard tourism contracts, involving the construction of tourism resorts that split revenue between the hosting government and TAO, or more selective contracts made to limit the number of tourists per interval and setting strict rules to reduce the impact tourists have on the economy and people.

Once a contract is set, the second division will set up a venue for tourists to visit the world. Entire sections of the control center will be initially empty, blank slates to construct hangars for tour vessels, teleportation relays for instant travel to the contracted world, or other methods people may experience a contracted world according to the agreement.