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This template categorizes an article as a form of magic.

Infobox Parameters:

These parameters will be included in a table in the upper left-hand corner of your page for a quick summary of key attributes.

  • type - The type of magic, usually defined as either a spell or school of magic.
  • school - The school of magic this school belongs in. May be the same as the magic depending on type.
  • effect - What the magic is designed to do or can do.
  • level - How advanced the magic is to perform.
  • If magic is a spell:
    • vocal - Whether the spell requires a chant or other spoken components. Answer "Yes" or "No".
    • somatic - Whether the spell requires a gesture or other form of movement. Answer "Yes" or "No".
    • item - What materials/equipment are required to cast spell. If there are no material requirements, enter "None".

Article Parameters

These parameters will be organized under appropriate headings to form the main body of your body. All article parameters are optional, but intro, require, and mech are highly recommended.

  • intro - A basic description of the magic, usually no more than one paragraph in length.
  • require - The requirements needed to perform the magic.
  • cast - An explanation of how the magic is performed.
    • ritual - A description of any rituals used to perform the magic, if necessary.
    • chant - A description of any incantations used to perform the magic, if necessary.
  • mech - An explanation of what effects the magic has and how this is achieved.
  • history - A history of the magic; this may be a history of its development, use, or both.

Example of Usage:

| type = Spell
| school = Pyromancy
| effect = Burns stuff real good
| level = Basic
| vocal = No
| somatic = Yes
| item = Lighter, Wood

Which will appear as:

Magical Spell
School Of: Pyromancy
Designed For: Burns stuff real good
Required Proficiency: Basic
Vocal Component?: No
Somatic Component?: Yes
Required Item(s): Lighter, Wood