Prophetic Earth

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Prophetic Earth
Controlled by: United Nations
Climate: Mixed
Era: Modern

The Universal Realm is filled with a seemingly endless number of universes. In most of these, you'll find a particular planets known by the locals as Earth. This planet will generally be populated by human beings at some point in its history, and will be part of the Sol star system.

Out of these billions of Earths, there is one in particular worth mentioning. This earth is both the most mundane and the most exotic of planets, a contradiction that makes it, to many, the center of the Multiverse. This planet is known as the Prophetic Earth.

Normalcy Field

The Prophetic Earth is surrounded by an anomaly scientific leaders in the Universal Realm have named the "Normalcy Field". It is unknown how this anomaly came into existence and how it functions, but its effects are well-documented.

Supernatural Dampening

The effect for which the Normalcy Field gets its name from is Supernatural Dampening. This phenomena effectively suppresses anything the Field designates as "supernatural". Although this term is at best vague, it is commonly agreed that anything that does not already exist on the Prophetic Earth naturally and arrives from outside of the Prophetic Earth will be suppressed. This includes most extraterrestrial creatures, any and all forms of magic, and technology of more advanced tiers than that of the Prophetic Earth's technology.

If something or someone supernatural enters the Normalcy Field, the anomaly will usually attempt to only suppress the specific qualities that make the intruder supernatural according to its protocol. For instance, a human werewolf who enters the Prophetic Earth while in human form will have their werewolf form "locked" and will be unable to transform until they exit the field. If the intrusion cannot be suppressed in such a manner, then the field seems to have the capability to alter events in ways that cause the supernatural intruder to be destroyed, leaving no evidence of anything that would be out of place.

Gift of Prophecy

The secondary effect of the Normalcy Field is the namesake of the Prophetic Earth: the Gift of Prophecy. Any sentient being born on the Prophetic Earth is granted the ability to perceive events across time and space, from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, to the present time on one of the many Earths from adjacent universes. Because the gift is caused by the field itself, these visions are not affected by the Supernatural Dampening. Because everything else supernatural is dampened, no one living on the Prophetic Earth is aware of the power they possess. Instead, these visions are written off by the populace as the product of imagination, and some choose to bring these prophecies to life in the form of fictional works.