Pearl Saber

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Pearl Saber
Weapon Type: Katana
Damage Type: Slashing
Designed For: Handheld
Useful Against: Anti-Personnel, Varies
Technology Level: Feudal

An ancient blade that boasts both masterful workmanship and a structural flaw that is also the blade's greatest strength.


The Pearl Saber is a katana with a black metallic sheen. Like most katanas, it features a curved, one-edged blade and a handle made to be held with two hands. The most unique element of the blade's design is the large circular gap in the hilt. While the katana is sturdy and well-made, this hole does weaken the integrity of the sword in combat.


The entirety of the Pearl Saber was forged with a single piece of an ebony metal of unknown origin, obtained from a fallen meteorite.

The Pearl Slot

The hole that takes up most of the katana's hilt was an intentional "flaw". Its purpose is to hold a circular gem. If the gem is enchanted, the design and material of the blade can channel the energy of the enchantment to strengthen the blade in a myriad of ways.

It is said that the slot was originally made for one specific pearl, hence the Pearl Saber's name, which was lost shortly after the blade's creation. If the pearl and saber were to be reunited, legend says the blade would become deadly enough to end nations and even slay gods.


As with most katanas, the Pearl Saber is meant to be held with two hands to allow for a high level of control and stability. Although the blade can pierce most armor when lunged, the blade excels in slashing aparts weaker materials, and is best used to slash and parry to wear down an opponent. How the blade can be used will differ if enchanted by an embedded gem.