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Equipment Type: Clothing
Primary Use: Store and channel divine energy
Technology Level: Feudal?


The Godhand gauntlet was originally formed like an arm bracer, to be worn over the lower arm. Due to a Reality Shift, the gauntlet's form changed.

Now, Godhand appears as a black glove made for the left hand. Depending on its charge level, a circle of golden runes will glow with varying levels of intensity.


While the actual material Godhand is made from is open to speculation, it is obvious that the fabric is capable of storing insane amounts of power, and has a high affinity for divine energy, or godpower.


The gauntlet is able to contain a certain amount of godly power, though the specific amount is difficult to measure. The more energy is stored, the brighter the runes on the back of the hand glow. Godhand is wielded by willing the energy within to be released. The energy can be simply released as a burst of energy, or sculpted by the wearer's imagination to imitate the powers of deities. For instance, the gauntlet may be used to fly, fire bolts of lightnings, cause volcanoes to erupt, and increase the fertility of women.

The more energy is used, the faster Godhand will deplete. The reserves of divine energy can be replenished by putting the gauntlet in direct contact with a person or object that holds or is composed of divine power, which the gauntlet will leech until removed or filled, whichever occurs first.


Put simply, the Godhand gauntlet was created to allow non-deities to wield the power of gods, even if only in a limited fashion.