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What You Need To Know

Step 0: Planning

While not necessary, it is usually best to try and plan what you want to write beforehand. Remember back in school when your teacher taught you to make an outline for your essay? Well, now's not a bad time to put that knowledge to work! Make sure you have all your information straight and decide how and what you'll writ as you guys through the steps in this manual.

Step 1: Categorize

The first thing you should decide is what category your content fits under. You can find a list of all current existing categories on the Welcome! page. If you think the page you want to make should belong in a category that doesn't exist yet, you can suggest it by adding it to the Welcome! discussion page.

Step 1.1: Template

Picking your category is important because most categories have a template. The template will help make writing your page easier by providing a structure to follow and suggesting information you can incorporate into your page. Using a template will also add your page to the corresponding category. You can type "Template:" followed by the category you want your page classified under. You can also see a list of all templates here!

Step 2: Create

To create a new page, just enter the name of the page you would like to make. If that name is not already in use, you will be given the option to create the page. From there, you will automatically enter the editor for the new page!

Step 3: Write

While there's no real limits to what you can write, it is suggested you use the appropriate template for your page's category. Checking the template's page shows you what each field means and how the template is designed.

Each template will create an infobox containing basic information you enter, and premade headers for types of information common for pages in the chosen category.

If you choose not to use a template, make sure to add "[[Category:____]]" and enter the category name in the blank. Note that some categories are part of larger categories, so it's best to include any higher-tier categories so your page is easier to find.

Step 4: Preview

When you've finished writing, press the "Show preview" button to see what your page will look like when others see it. This will help you make any last-minute aesthetic changes and fix any noticeable syntax issues.

Step 5: Publish

If you think your page is ready and no further changes are needed, just press "Save page" to publish your page for everyone to see!